linear rocks

Rebecca Walklett

metalsmith & designer

 These small copper or sterling silver boxes are formed in my hydraulic press in various shaped moulds and are carefully put together with silver hinges and clasps. There is a "Geometric" range of shapes, (round, oval, square & rectangle) and a "Pebble" range of more organic shapes.


The next process is to colour the copper using a combination of heat & chemical recipies (patination). Over many years of experimentation, I now have a range of reliable colours that I can achieve. These include deep reds, browns, oranges, blue, verdigris, turquoise and black. Within each colour there are variations allowing for an exciting palette of earthy  and subtle shades.


 I then line each box with leather, chosing a colour that either compliments or contrasts with the patina.


 When ordering a box or piece of jewellery that has been patinated you should be aware that while I can achieve a colour, its tone and shade will vary from the website images.


 For me this is the joy of using patination techniques. An adventure in colour which gives each piece its own character.

BoxesSquare. Press formed Copper box. Patinated copper. Presentation box. Gift box. BoxSilver

Patination & Press Forming