linear rocks

Rebecca Walklett

metalsmith & designer


Shoreline Stories Collection

 jewellery made from "semi-precious" stones

 and Cornish beach stones.


What makes one stone more precious than another? Rarity? Colour? Price?

A pebble picked from a myriad of others with an attached memory or story of time and place. Is that not just as precious?


Every stone from the mightiest diamond to the humble beach stone carries its own story mixed with struggle, violence, superstition or the quieter tale of journeys millennia long.


Each stone arrives in your possession with its own power and beauty ready to listen and take on your story....


I can make variations of the rings shown using Cornish stones or I can create a truly unique piece for you using stones or sea glass that you have found.


Contact me via phone: 07837348146 or

email: [email protected]

Green Serpentine from Looe Bar with Moonstone



Red Serpentine from the Lizard with Peach Moonstone