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Rebecca Walklett

metalsmith & designer

Copper Bowls with Green/Black Patina

This set of three bowls has been made and sold several times. Each set is similar to the last but not exactly the same, including the patination and resulting colour, due to the nature of colouring.


Traditionally, the edges of a vessel are "caulked" with each round of raising, which thickens the edge and keeps it neat.These bowls have been raised, allowing the top edge to form its own uneven line. This has been emphasised by leaving a section of the bowl its natural copper colour and appling the patina to follow the lines of the edge.


Small Bowl - 9cm h approx                    £160

Medium Bowl - 12cm h approx             £180

Large Bowl -16cm h approx                  £200


Can be bought singularly or any combination of the set.

3 bowls Set of Three copper bowls

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