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Rebecca Walklett

metalsmith & designer

Copper & Pewter Vessels

These ornamental vessels are an extension of the concept behind Cornwall Contained. Made with Pewter & Copper, these vessels embody the heritage industries of Cornwall that have shaped the culture, economics and landscape of the county


Both metal parts are raised, which is the technique of hammering a flat disc of metal over various shaped steel stakes to create a seamless form.


The copper element has been patinated to create the intense blue. The surface of the copper has been slightly etched by this process.


The two parts are then stapled together with copper wire that has been reclaimed from old electrical wire.


These two vessels are companion pieces but can be purchased separately.


Please contact Rebecca with any questions about these pieces.


Approx size 8cm wide

                   9cm high


                £325 each

Blue copper round Blue Copper round 2 blue copper lg back blue copper lg side

Pewter & Copper Vessel # two

Pewter & Copper Vessel # one