linear rocks

Rebecca Walklett

metalsmith & designer

Raised Vessels. Pewter , Copper & Slate. Ornamental vases. Giftware. Cornish & Handmade.. Raised Bowls. Fabricated in Copper. Patinated Copper. Handmade in Cornwall.

These vessels have all been created by raising. Raising is the traditional way of creating a form with volume from a sheet of metal. It involves hammering the disc of metal around steel stakes of various profiles to get the shape that is in my mind's eye. I work in copper a lot because of the colours I can achieve and it is a very forgiving metal to raise. And Pewter is becoming a favourite metal to raise & fabricte with. I have worked in silver and enjoy its unique challenges.


I work in a quite instinctive fashion, using my sense of touch almost as much as my eyes. The feel of a shape is very important to me. The vessels should be inviting and inspire the viewer to want to hold the piece.


My vessels often have rounded bases which is a visually satisfying shape and then demands certain poblem solving skills to get them to sit without falling over. I have made small organza cushions for some work, wooden bases hollowed out and large slate pebbles, also hollowed out. It is an ongoing situation.......


It is a kind of magic to see a form slowly emerge from a flat sheet. Its a joy I never tire of.